In the mailbox: Skateland Blu Ray


I’m not forgotting about the site, far from it. Just had tons of work before vacations, plenty of things to do during those (I moved to Normandy end of 2012) and going back to work tomorrow.

But I received today Skateland Blu Ray which I orderered 10 days ago (once more, not necessary to pay high postage costs when dealding with serious worldwide sellers).

In the next site’s updates:

  • credits completed (I admit I kinda forgot :p)
  • screens for Family Toolsn,
  • Screens for Skateland.




Site update: Three new credits added

Hello all,

I’ve been awfully busy at work for the last few weeks (I just love working till 3am from home) so I was a little behind on the site’s update.

Added today in May 2013 credits:

  • Family Tools 2×04,
  • Lauren 2×11 & 2×12.

I’d get back to updating on the galleries later this week.
And I do not forget that the credits’ pages are not up for every year, I’ll do my best to update them asap.


In the mailbox: Jambo’s CDs


It’s really not necessary to pay an outrageous amount of p&p fees to get things from Amazon.
My order from March 20, sent the next day, was delivered today. Yiipppiie :)

So now I own both CDs … listening to Hootenanny right now in the train on the way to Normandy.

1st impression: very easy to listen to, positive lyrics and certainly not lyrics for dumbies (like many songs for kids too often are) … since I’m a country and bluegrass fan, I’m on rather known ground. I’m not a music expert but I’ll let know what I think later on.

Just a little thing: wish the lyrics would have been included, if I’m not mistaking they are not available on Jambo’s website.


Site update: the galleries page is back

Hello all,

I’m rather happy to let you know that the galleries are back on the site.
In the end I chose Coppermine over Zen Photos (since I can access it from work).

Currently, the files are been uploaded and everything will be available tomorrow night (the biggest part already is). We’d have over 4 600 screens up by the end of the uploads.

What’s next? The missing credits will be added this week, so please bear with me a little longer.
And after that, well I’ll be back to make screens, starting with Melinda’s latest tv appearances: Scandal, Hawaii 5-0 and NCIS.

As you see, many screens coming your way :)


Happy Easter day everyone!

Happy Easter 2013

This post was supposed to wish everyone a Happy Easter 2013 and welcome you on the whole new website (v 8.0).
Unfortunately, I messed up with WordPress SQL database so I have to rebuild all the credits (shame since they were all up since 1988 *sigh*).
Thus that particular section should be complete by the end of the week.
Next will be the photos archive which I’m cleaning up and will move to a new layout (still have to decide which one between Coppermine and Zen Photo… :p).

The Commish: The complete series on sale on!


As you know, Melinda was recurring in The Commish (46 episodes, from 2×01 till 4×02).

Back in 2010, Mill Creek Entertainment released the complete series. The price was 70 $ but now you can buy if for 18$ on (74% off!).

Good news for all us fans! :)

Here is the link : Amazon

Edit to add:
It sucks to live in Europe, the DVD can’t be delivered in France … I’ll keep checking regularly. It happened for the complete Hunter series and one day, out of the blue, it could be delivered here… *fingers crossed* :p

Purchased – Hootenanny and Lucy’s Parade

I finally took the step, I have been listening to those for a couple months/days depending on the CD, so it was just a matter of time.
Watch out, only 2 Hootenanny et 9 Lucy’s Parade left on (where I bought mine).

Just wished I lived in the States and could attend one of Jambo’s concert, I’d love to have those autographed :)